Mx4Px has been involved in many different projects over the years. Here's a list of the ones I think are most interesting. Most of these include a link to at least one tune from the Tunes page. I'm absolutely sure I'm forgetting some here, so if you're interested, check back every once in a while, to see what I remembered 😀.

Also - I could get all Hollywood and list out individually all the TV shows (like the Sopranos, Charmed, Seven Days, NBC movies, etc.) that my tunes have appeared in...but that wouldn't be me. I just wrote (or helped write) those tunes. I didn't put them into the shows. So they're not my "credits!"


Perfect Alibi
1996 - My Role: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Recording
Perfect Alibi was the 1996 name for a band that changed a lot between around 1992 and 1998. It started off with George and Melanie Wilson and me jamming in their basement...just goofing off and trying to make ourselves laugh with a 4 track. Eventually we learned and wrote some real tunes, played out a bit, got a few tunes placed on TV. This is the one collection of real tunes that we decided to put together as a unit. At the time this was recorded we also had Ray Donnelly playing bass. Melanie is now Melanie Crombie Lockhart, and you can find her on MySpace and FaceBook. George is now playing drums with a band called "Girl Friday" in the New Bedford, MA area.

World On Tour
2000 - My Role: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Recording
After seeing how popular my Wheel Of Time tunes were, I hooked up with my old friend George Wilson and we got our Celtic on. Only sold about 10 copies or something, through the old - but it was a lot of fun to do and I’m very proud of it.

2004 - My Role: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Recording
My ex-wife’s name was Deanne. We always used to say that her name is my name sideways - switch the “An” and the “Dee” around and you go back & forth between our names. Also, because of that, if you say “Andy And Deanne” without pausing between the words, you end up with sort of an Escher-sounding thing. So, in a very Star Trek moment, I thought of this spelling of it, just to put a name to the two tunes we collaborated on.

Rude Toys Cry Out
2005 - My Role: Guitar, Vocals, Recording, Songwriting
I hooked up with Rude Toys in 2003, after meeting their manager at a bar in Salisbury beach. They needed a guitarist, I wasn’t doing I went for it. I had never been in an original-only band. The tunes were OK, but I felt they needed some spicing up. So I spiced ;-)


Musician’s Institute
1988 - My Role: Guitar
Took the summer off from my father’s business, flew out to Hollywood, and starved a while. It was a blast! I had a roommate named Pascal, who was from France. Had a neighbor downstairs from Brazil who worked part-time at a special-effects company and had all this movie memorabilia lying around (pieces of the Blob, etc.). Got to see Tommy Tedesco (remember the guitar in “Green Acres” and “Twilight Zone”? Those, and about a million others, were Tommy Tedesco) speak about being a session guitarist. Ahh...youth really is wasted on the young.

Berklee College of Music
1991 - My Role: Film Scoring, Guitar
Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Who would’ve guessed?


Star Control 3
1994 - My Role: Scoring
My first “big-time” scoring gig for a game. I had a lot of fun with it, but the previous Star Control games had very tongue-in-cheek music that basically acted as part of the humor of the games. I didn’t follow that; I went for a more Star Trek or Star Wars feel. Some of the fans were pretty upset. But, you know what? I liked it. I think it worked. And it was my job to make that determination.’s a friggin’ masterpiece ;-)

Wheel of Time
1999 - My Role: Scoring, SFX
I was very excited to get this one...gave me a lot of creative freedom in the least for the spec. They ended up getting a “name” for the bulk of the music, but that landed me on a Magna Carta record, plus I still got to do some music, did a bunch of the SFX, and people to this day still think my tunes were the best ones ;-)

Hungry Red Planet
2003 - My Role: Scoring, SFX
An educational game about nutrition. I had a blast with this one.

D.M. Dinwiddie, Physician In Training
2003 - My Role: Scoring, SFX
Educational game that teaches first aid. The producer wanted some Alf Clausen-type stuff, some blues, various other styles. This one was quite a journey!


2006 - My Role: Guitar, Vocals, Writing, Recording
These are a bunch of tunes and mini projects that really don’t have any other classification. I just think they belong somewhere. So why not here? The latest one’s 2006, but they go back to about 1992.

Await Our Fate
2007 - My Role: Recording
My stepson’s first song with his first band...well, sort of. If you remember being a teenager, what’s really “first”? This was the first song I heard them play all the way through - and they asked me to record it. So here it is in all its screamo glory.

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