Andy Frazier's Studio

The Story

Mx4Px is the name of my studio, and it's pronounced "Mix For Pix." It means "Music for Pictures." My degree from Berklee is in Film Scoring, and over the years a lot of my focus has been on, well, music for pictures (here's the IMDb Page). So that's where the name comes from.

Although I can't speak for what may happen tomorrow (or five minutes from now), Mx4Px hasn't been "active" for a while. By that I mean I haven't been pursuing new musical or recording projects. That will change soon. I will continue to add new and "classic" material to the Tunes section, but the Credits section may stay the same for a short time. Still, I think a lot of good work has been produced here over the years, and I wanted to make sure it stays available somewhere.

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